Cream and Multi Polymer Clay Bangle Bracelet
Cream and multi polymer clay bangle has an interior diameter of 2.50 inches (6.35cm) and an interior circumference of 7.75 inch (19.69 cm). Ivory brass bracelet has abstract floral millefiori with burgundy and teal. Thin, narrow bracelet is approximately 0.25 inches (0.64cm) wide. What was once a deadstock blank bracelet languishing in a warehouse (and acquiring a nice patina) is now a fabulous on-trend fashion accessory! I have inlaid the channel bracelet with multicolored and off white polymer clay, wet sanded and buffed to an enamel-like gloss. To make sure you and this petite bracelet are a match made in heaven, you will need to do a little measuring. Close your fingers together and bring your thumb to your little finger, pretending you are putting on a bangle. Using a strip of paper or tape measure, wrap it around your hand at the widest point. This is the circumference of your hand. For the easiest fit, the circumference of your hand should be a bit LESS than the 7.75 inch (19.69 cm) interior circumference of this small bracelet. If you regularly wear metal bangles, you could also measure the interior diameter of your favorite one. This flower bangle only comes in one size, so do your homework! These floral bracelets are sold individually, not as a set. If you would like more than one bracelet, please select the appropriate quantity. Why not splurge and buy a 2nd or 3rd? They look awesome stacked!