Coffee scrub | by Cocos Cosmetics coconut coffee scrub |coffee hand made product by Cocos Cosmetics TM
Coffee scrub arabica and organic oils, coconut, shea butter, macadamia, ilang-ilang, hand made product by Cocos Cosmetics TM - Israel ------------------------------------------------------------------- Natural 100 % organic coffee scrub "Africana" This scrub is good to apply in the event that you need a short time to improve their appearance , to give a freshness for tired skin : Africana scrub exfoliates the dead skin cells particles , thereby removing all the old scales , preventing skin aging and promotes more rapid skin-cell growth . It cleans and moisturizes the skin, excellent facial exfoliant. Coffee beans give the skin a healthy glowing tan without the sun damage and improves complexion. Caffeine tones up the skin and forms a protective barrier against undesirable external influences. Antioxidants help to improve the elasticity of the skin and wrinkles , polyphenols are also potent natural antioxidants that contribute to increased synthesis of collagen and elastin in skin cells - a result of the skin is tightened , the facial contours become clearer . Use for face and body . Our Best seller effective super coffee scrub for the prevention of cellulite. Application: Apply on wet clean, steamed, damp skin of the body and the face, apply a small amount of scrub, massage in a circular motion face and body. Then rinse with warm water, the skin will be a little bit oily, gently pat the face with a clean cloth or towel, removing excess moisture, massage your face, let the coconut oil to soak into the skin. Scrub is recommended to do 1-2 times a week. Suitable for all skin types. Weight 150g. Made in Israel. Keep refrigerated. Shelf life 6 months.