SALE ** Pink Multicolored Polkadot Wired Headband, Free Shipping, Rockabilly Style, Rockabilly inspired, 50's and 60's style, Handmade
Do you love a good retro style? Then this is the perfect headband for you. These headbands give you the security of other headbands without digging into your head and causing headaches and crimps in your hair. They are a great addition to your effortless accessories collection. ****This is the older style of headband, that is why it is being sold at a discounted price**** We have re-engineered the headbands slightly since. Featured here is our Pink with multicolored polkadots, bandana style wired headband. Here are a few ways to wear them: »» bunny ears »» rosette »» bow »» bandana »» turban »» 60's style You can also wear them as alternative accessories such as: -bracelets -chokers -scarf -purse accessory/scarf ------------------ DETAILS: »» Measures approximately 2.5" wide and 31" long »» 100% cotton fabric »» Internal wire ------------------- Care Instructions »» Hand wash in cold water with a mild soap »» Lay Flat to dry -------------------- Headbands ship within 24 hours of order placement. *Free Shipping on all domestic orders*