Donkey Milk Face Cream with B3 - All Natural Pore and Fine Line Reducing - Oil Control - Great for Oily to Dry and Acne prone
This face cream has become my best seller. With all natural, easy to read ingredients, which has given my customers results from reducing to almost eliminating acne, great control over the sebum production on the face (meaning no more over oily complexion) and helping to minimize those fine lines. The best one I have heard is that it works great under makeup. It is able to take that cakey makeup and allows it to go on smooth. *****The vitamin content of donkey milk is very different from other milks and has to be handled very differently. That is why you will only find my donkey milk creams or lotions inside an airless pump bottles. This is very important when choosing donkey milk skin care. If it is not in an airless container then it does not contain donkey milk or very little of it.***** Vitamin C - helps with aging and collagen replacement Vitamin B3 - helps minimize pores and controls sebum production (so if you are one of those who skin is oily, this is for you), also aids in reducing fine lines B-complex and AHA's - to help those who suffer from acne Vast amount of polyunsaturated free fatty acids that kill staphylococcus aureus so you will be sure to become acne free Vitamin E - works wonders with vitamin C to help protect against damage from pollutants and or sun, lessening that stress on your skin will lead to healthier younger looking skin Non comedogenic - meaning it will not clog your pores Are you looking for a face cream that soaks into skin within minutes, or doesn't feel greasy? Maybe you are looking for something that will give you specific results. This face cream helps to control the production of sebum. You will have a less oily complexion and eventually less clogged pores. Acne will not be an issue and even fine lines will start to diminish. Every application of my donkey milk face creams will give you: My face creams come in airless pump bottle. You only need a very tiny bit for your face. This is super important because of all the Vitamin C found in donkey milk is so great for your skin but so hard to contain. Vitamin C doesn't like air and will go bad quickly if not contained properly. That is why every cream or lotion that I make, with donkey milk, will be in an airless pump container. I want to make sure that you gain benefit from my products. Once you use this cream for a month I want to hear what it has done for you. For any of those who suffer from adult acne, I was there and now I am free. I used this cream and the plain jane soap. Every night when I washed my face, I used the lace bag (that the soap comes in) and scrubbed my face. Not hard but enough to take off my makeup and get my face super clean. After that I applied the face cream. It goes on so nice and soaks in quickly. Once I started this ritual, no new pimples came and slowly my fine lines started to disappear. Other ingredients are Organic olive oil, Organic sunflower oil, RSPO Red Palm oil, Organic Argan, Rosehip, Evening Primrose, Vitamin B3. Other ingredients are natural thickeners, emulsifyers and natural preservatives along with eco-cert biobased emollient and lightly scented with natural fragrance oil. 1.70 oz airless pump bottle As always look for more products and discounts at ------------------------------------------- Handmade in with my own secrect formulation with natural ingredients and now Certified Organic Donkey milk from Portugal.