Natural Donkey Milk Body Lotion -Made in OHIO - Donkey milk Cream Natural skin care products -Hand Lotion
How natural do you want to get with your skin care? If you are looking for a lotion that is not full of just water and is safe for your skin, contains all the essential vitamins and nutrients your skin needs and loves, then you are going to love my all natural handmade donkey milk lotion. This is not your typical lotion where you pump a ton on your hands, with this lotion a little goes a long way. This is fantastic for your hands because you are really getting all the delicious ingredients that nurtures, strengths and softens your skin. This is also not your typical lotion because it contains donkey milk. Donkey milk is mother natures best gift as it contains all nutrients your skin needs in just a tablespoon of milk. Donkey milk is the only milk that truly packs punch with all the vitamins. Say bye bye to dry hands and toxic ingredients and say hello to mother natures natural ingredients and never again dry hands. It goes on creamy and dries within minutes. Non greasy and no sticky after feel. Just smooth, silky, vitamin enriched lotion to help rid of the dry, itchy skin. Donkey milk has the most stable form of vitamin C and contains the most of it, naturally. That, plus retinol, omegas, vitamin E, ceramindes, amino acids (especially the essential amino acids) are why donkey milk is naturally anti-aging. Maybe that is the reason Cleopatra bathed in it every day keeping her skin strong and hydrated. Other ingredients are Organic olive oil, Organic sunflower oil, RSPO Red Palm oil, Organic Argan. Other ingredients are natural thickeners, emulsifyers and natural preservatives along with eco-cert biobased emollient. Your lotion will be made to order. Lightly scented with natural fragrance oil. 4oz My donkey milk comes from a farm on an island of Portugal the greatest part about it is that it is Certified Organic Milk! Handmade in USA in lovely Ohio (my own secret formulation) and always contains the highest donkey milk content!