Natural Eco-Friendly Liquid Hand Soap Refills -ALL ingredients Biodegrade 4 Zero Waste Eco Friendly Products Gifts - CHOOSE Your Scent
4 pods = 48 ounces of natural liquid hand wash. The soap bullet pods are made 100% Eco-Friendly and skin friendly. That means from production to shipping, to washing your hands and all the stuff that goes down the drain...... all steps are mother nature friendly. *********** Etsy only allows for two variations so please message me if you want two other variations in your pack. Otherwise, two of each fragrance will be in your 4 pack. ******** All Soap Bullets are made from olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, sunflower oil and aloe extract. These are NOT made from synthetic surfactants like coco betaine, lauryl glucoside, polys or all those other synthetics that claim to be plant based and are just doing the same amount of damage to our planet like all the other cheap filled soaps. Don't buy into that! All soap bullets are hand-made from cooking the luxurious nutrient rich oils on a low, slow cook, to wrapping and sealing each individual pod into a 100% Compostable pod. The bullets easily dissolve into 12 ounces of any water, using your own available soap pump. You can also dissolve it into 16 ounces of water. It won't be as thick, but it will be just as effective in cleaning. The soap bullets are also formulated to be nondrying to hands. They were formulated to keep mother nature safe by knowing what is going down the drain and ending up in our water systems. I thought of this all the way through!! Keeping you safe and our planet. Eco-Friendly Castile Liquid Hand Soap Pods Made in USA in the lovely state of Ohio right next to our beautiful Lake Erie. Safe Hand wash refill you can use, store and save the planet easily.