Cleopatra's Beauty Line & Soap Bullet

Natural donkey milk skin care and Castile Liquid Hand Soap Concentrate Refills

Located In
Mentor, OH
Owned By
Bozana Anicic
Store Details
Cleopatra's Beauty Line are handcrafted donkey milk soaps, lotions and creams. I use donkey milk as it is the closest milk that is similar to human milk which makes it the most nutrient dense milk on the planet. All those vitamins and minerals found in donkey milk are super beneficial for your skin! The milk gives you everything your skin needs in just a tablespoon! Soap Bullet Pods are readily biodegradable liquid hand soap concentrates. I created these due to the fact that all liquid hand soaps on the market contain detergents or plastics. These detergents which most call biodegradable, take years to degrade in our environment! I am talking 7 plus years. So, I had to do something about it. I created an all plant-based soap concentrate which is made using the traditional lye method, contains no plastics and is readily biodegradable (meaning is degrades within a few days not years). Real sunflower oil, castor oil, coconut oil are some of the plant materials used to make this true authentic soap. Now you can save the planet with every hand wash.