Game of Thrones - House Targaryen - Etched Beer Mug
House Targaryen / Fire and Blood glass etching inspired by the Game of Thrones. Now you can drink your beer, or any other beverage in style while geeking out a little (It's a good thing) On one side we have the Targaryen house sigil, a dragon and on the other side we have their motto, "Fire and Blood" It's a little hard to read their motto on the picture because you can see the dragon on the other side since the glass is empty but believe me, it looks good. These are thick, high quality beer mugs that are made to last. These mugs can each fit a little bit over a pint (16oz), and are perfect for every occasion. All of these items are handmade, therefore, there might be slight differences from one item to the next. That being said, the quality of the product will not be hindered. Each glass in essence is unique.