Pendant - Pink/Purple Lepidolite Gem in Glass Beaded Bezel, ID - 335
This pendant features a freeform Lepidolite gemstone that measures 34 x 27 x 7mm. The predominant colors of this sparkly gemstone are dark pink to purple with some lighter pink accents. The netted bezel is composed of pink and metallic hematite glass beads. This pendant comes with a free grey ribbon cord necklace. Please contact me prior to purchase if you are ordering multiple items so I can provide you with a shipping discount. Metaphysical Properties: Lepidolite is sometimes known as the 'peace stone' or 'grandmother stone.' Lepidolite is thought to help relieve stress and help the user connect with his or her higher self. Lepidolite is associated with the 7th chakra, the crown chakra, which is linked to states of higher consciousness and divine connection. Also, the color magenta is thought to support a sense of relaxation and happiness that discourages aggression.