Necklace - Blue/Green Larimar Set in Glass Beaded Bezel, ID - 290
This handcrafted necklace features a beautiful blue-green Larimar gemstone from the Dominican Republic. The stone measures 31 x 17 x 5mm. This gem is captured in a bezel of green, aqua, grey, and aqua/gold glass beads. The Larimar hangs on an "over-the-head" necklace of amazonite, aquamarine, biwa pearl, and glass beads. The necklace measures approximately 24 inches long. [For a safe fit, the widest horizontal circumference of a person's head (including ears and nose) should not exceed 23.5 inches in order for this necklace to fit over the head.] Please contact me prior to purchase if you are ordering multiple items so I can provide you with a shipping discount. Metaphysical Properties: While Larimar was created from the fire of its volcanic origins, it is considered by many to embody the tranquil energies of the sea and sky. This stone seems both gentle and powerful at the same time. This water element stone is believed to calm hot, aggravated, or fearful emotions and bring serenity. Larimar is associated with the throat chakra and is thought to clear the path for clear communication in a way others can hear and accept. Larimar is used by some to induce a deep meditative state and connect with their higher power.