Necklace/Earrings- Chrysocolla Malachite Gem in Bead Bezel - ID 29
This jewelry set includes a handcrafted necklace featuring an oval Chrysocolla Malachite gemstone that measures 45x20x4mm and beaded earrings that complement the necklace colors. The Chrysocolla Malachite stone has beautiful blue, teal, green and dark brown colors. This focal stone is captured in a bezel of blue, brown iris, carnelian, and black glass beads. The gemstone is open on the front and has a black leather backing. The focal stone hangs from a necklace of amber, green, and teal glass beads with sterling silver findings. The necklace is approximately 19 inches long. The earrings that accompany this set include blue/green & amber glass beads with gold filled beads on the bottom. The earring hooks are gold filled French hooks with stardust balls. The earring length from the top of the french hook to the bottom is almost two inches. Please contact me prior to purchase if you are ordering multiple items so I can provide you with a shipping discount. Metaphysical Properties: Chrysocolla is a teaching stone. It is thought to helps us reveal our own knowledge, strengthen us emotionally, and increase our stability and acceptance. Malachite is thought to be a stone of transition. Some associate Malachite with bringing peace and opening one's heart and mind to all types of love. Chrysocolla Malachite is especially helpful for the Throat and Heart Chakras.