Pendant - Lemon Yellow Jasper Gemston in Glass Beaded Bezel - ID 331
This handcrafted pendant features a freeform Jasper gemstone that measures 36x23x12mm. The primary color of the gemstone is lemon yellow, but it has white or lighter color in the stone as well a few darker spots on the back. The stone is contained in a bezel of yellow, grey, and hematite glass beads. The Jasper is open on the front and the back. This pendant comes with a free grey cord necklace. Please contact me prior to purchase if you are ordering multiple items so I can provide you with a shipping discount. [Note: Tax is included in the purchase price.] Metaphysical Properties: Jasper is an elemental earth stone with a constant, slow frequency. It is considered an excellent tool for stability and grounding. Jasper is believed to help stimulate your root or base chakra in order to energize and stabilize your physical body. Yellow Jasper is also associated with endurance, tenacity and perseverance.