Pendant - Biggs Jasper Gemstone in Glass Beaded Bezel - ID 24
Handcrafted pendant featuring a highly polished, dark brown oval Biggs Jasper stone measuring 32x23x6mm. Biggs Jasper is a "picture jasper" that exhibits intricate patterns in shades of brown. Ths stone is found in basalt deposits compressed through volcanic activity. Because of this sedimentary origin, it is relatively rare, and is valued as a gemstone. This focal stone is set in a beaded bezel of reddish orange, bronze, crystal, brown, and black glass beads. The pendant comes with a free black cord necklace. Please contact me prior to purchase if you are ordering multiple items so I can provide you with a shipping discount. Metaphysical Properties: Picture jasper is a landscape stone that's believed to help us find our place in the world. Among practitioners of gemstone healing, picture jasper is considered to be a powerful grounding stone that promotes connection to the earth and harmony.