Cherokee Spirits

No power in Plastic all items are authentic not replica

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Boise, ID
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Aiden ShortCloud
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ᎣᏏᏲ All my items are protected under the Native American Arts and Crafts act of 1990 And come with a certificate of authenticity. A portion of all sales is donated back to the tribe. I sell Authentic Native American made crafts, I have over 30 species of real animal claws teeth hide and skulls to help people connect with their totems, medicines and spirit guides. All my items are REAL Not fake that means genuine bear claws, wolf claws, cougar claws etc please check your local wildlife laws before ordering from me! We are all related! There is no power in plastic! Please check your laws Before ordering! If you order an item from me I assume the sale is legal. ᏩᏙ. Thank you, for taking the time to look at my shop.