Hello world, my name is Kevin i like to make stuff! I've been a wood worker for a little over 7 years, been crafting things all my life. As i stated earlier I'm 36, father of 2 beautiful kids, been vegan for 10 years and I'm a certified yoga instructor. I found my love of wood working through my grandfather, and then through a magnificent wooden toy called a Kendama. I decided to try and make my own Kendama after given one as a gift and woodworking just became my zen. From there i set out to be able to make anything i could with wood.

Payment Policy

Payments will be made through PayPal

Shipping Policy

Most items will be free shipping

Refund & Exchange Policy

I do not accept returns, unless there is a major defect that happened during shipping. If you are not 100% satisfied I'm sure we can work something out. Great care is taken to make sure of the uppermost quality in each and every piece, after all each thing i make represents a part of myself.

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