Paisley Bow Tie
Unique, Fun, and Affordable Self-tie or Pre-tied Bow Tie Why wear a bow tie from ChaCheeTies? The bow tie is the more outgoing and fun sibling of the necktie. But the ChaCheeTies bow tie is like the drunk uncle that always has the most fun. Regular bow ties are fun, but a single solid color won't cut it. ChaCheeTies are made to have unique and vibrant patterns that allow the wearer to stand out and have a fun time wherever he or she is. Why Premium ChaCheeTies? Maybe you're looking for something a little bit more fancy. Or maybe you just like one of these very unique patterns. The Premium ChaCheeTies are made with extra care. They are designed to have a sharper look - perfect for the more formal events - and are made with heavier interfacing (the inside) to create more volume. Where can you wear it? • Prom • Parties • Dances • Weddings • Work • Anywhere you want because bow ties are awesome Self-tie or pre-tied? It's really up to you. Self-tie bow ties offer the floppy and perfect-imperfect look while the pre-tied bow ties display a sharp and clean look. Can't decide? Do what most people do when they can't decide on something: Google. Sizes? Self-ties are custom fit to your own neck (no one else can wear it unless they have the same neck size). These sizes are determined by the neck size (usually the first number on a dress shirt). Pre-tied bow ties are adjustable and fit sizes 14 inches all the way up to 20 inches. ChaCheeTies are perfect gifts for a friend or family member. 100% cotton High-quality for a VERY low price. We ship worldwide! Shipping boxes are made from recycled content. Made by a teen that has a love for collecting bow ties.