Need your Geeky fix, Come to us :D

Located In
Canandaigua, NY
Owned By
Josh Atwood-Szkolnik
Store Details
What we bring to our products are our unique flair, and common interests. This business makes many different handmade crafty items, such as: crochet, perler/hama beads, paper crafts, sculptures, soaps, candles, paintings, plushies, and a bunch more. If you can't tell, we're crafty geeks. Category Geek consists of two people, Josh and Erick. Our company was created whilst crafting gifts for friends. We both come from an artsy background, with Josh having the most experience out of us both. Josh always has to have something to do, something crafty so he is always learning new ways to spend his time. He started drawing at a young age, where he branched out to different mediums and hasn't stopped since. Erick has experience in drawing (mostly Anime characters), and is slowly learning other crafts. His favorite craft is making awesome 8 bit characters out of Perler beads. We both have a huge list of fandoms, and have wanted to create something that we can share with others. We like everything from Anime, Doctor Who, Star Wars, Marvel/DC, Harry Potter and the list is growing everyday. So, come along on this journey, and walk away with some amazing products!