Cross at Angus - Cast Paper - Celtic Cross - Scottish Art - Irish art - Highlander - Pictish - Stone Cross
Cross at Angus This eight century stone cross is found at Aberlemno Church in Angus, Scotland.I is an example of early Pictish stone crosses with low relief and animal imagery. This work is mounted on a painted canvass. The canvass dimensions are 12 x 16. A designer frame is included. No glass. Pairs With Cross at Donegal Paper is the traditional 1st anniversary gift. Each one of these works is Hand Made and Hand Painted by the artist. These are not flat paintings!!! They are painted 3D castings!!! Paper Casting Paper casting is to me the perfect medium. It allows me use almost every skill set. A typical piece begins as a drawing or two. Then I sculpt it in wax. This is a long refining process and often the image sculpted is far different that the drawing. Then I build a dam around the wax and pour a rubber mold directly off the surface. A casting is made by pressing wet cotton pulp into the mold and extracting the water. Then I finish the surface. While every piece that emerges from the mold is about the same, no two are really painted the same. Maybe I would if I could, but the painting process is always in flux. I am always experimenting with ways of mixing colors or washes and hard edge or new pigments. I spend about 75% of my time with the painted finishes. Artistic Inspiration When I see or dream a thing that moves me in that way I try to distill the essence of it and add it to my bag of tricks. I am something of a student of ancient art and particularly interested in Celtic history, but I am not interested in reproducing artifacts or furthering a traditional technique. There was an original impulse for man to do art in the first place. Images and objects that take us out of our day to day consciousness. A magic icon or at least a feeling that allowed the viewer to step out of the ordinary world of words and survival and allow a more ancient wisdom to arise. I am looking for that magic. When I am working, it never really seems like I am alone. It’s a strange feeling like channeling a human need to create. Voices of the past seem to want pass along a vision or standard. But then again, perhaps I am alone too much. Anyway, I hope that some of these images speak to you and you can find your own magic....... Kevin Dyer