The Meeting Tree - Hand Made Cast Paper By Kevin Dyer - Celtic Spreading Oak
The Meeting Tree The ancient Celts, when clearing the forest for a new settlement, always left one great tree in the center. This tree of Life was a connection between the people and the guiding spirit of nature. Under the great tree were held all Clan meetings, festivals and weddings. The frame dimensions are 12" x 12" and 1" deep. Paper Casting Paper casting is to me the perfect medium. It allows me use almost every skill set. A typical piece begins as a drawing or two. Then I sculpt it in wax. This is a long refining process and often the image sculpted is far different that the drawing. Then I build a dam around the wax and pour a rubber mold directly off the surface. A casting is made by pressing wet cotton pulp into the mold and extracting the water. Then I finish the surface. While every piece that emerges from the mold is about the same, no two are really painted the same. Maybe I would if I could, but the painting process is always in flux. I am always experimenting with ways of mixing colors or washes and hard edge or new pigments. I send about 75% of my time with the painted finishes. About Frames & Mats All Mats are acid free and this work includes the mat of your choice. Your piece will be painted to best match your mat. Black frames are matte black anodized aluminum frames & gold frames are shiny metallic gold anodized aluminum frames. Glass is also included.