Traditional Texas Lone Star King Sized Quilt
All fabric was: individually chosen, cut & arranged by hand. Everything is done with attention to Quality and Detail; Love and Care. This is a gently used traditional pattern Texas Lone Star quilt. The center pattern is the Lone Star. The center of the Star is white and brown. Each layer comprising the Points are a different color. The background color is yellow. It is king-sized, 92" x 109". Matching Pillow Shams are included with it. The quilting in the center of the Star is a feather pattern. For the Star it follows the points in each individual color. The corners and edging has a variety of leaves, cactus & feathers quilted on them. The border uses the Lone Stars pattern in miniature, in keeping with the center pattern. The mini Stars are brown on a yellow background 'framed' by the same brown fabric. The quilting is in the feather quilt pattern used in the top. The back is a cream whole-cloth. It is reversible. It is all cotton material & machine washable on gentle cycle.