Cedar bath tray
I first made this bath tray for my mother as a Christmas present. I decided to start making them for sale when friends and family commented on how much they liked the one I had made, so here I am, I hope you all enjoy it as much as mom does. This bath tray is made of 100% western red cedar. I can apply a number of different finishes to bring out the richness of the wood, such as naturally derived linseed oil or tung oil, or a water-based or oil-based varnish. I can also leave it as plain cedar for you to enjoy as is or finish as you like. Cedar wood contains natural oils that protect it from water, so your choice of finish is mostly aesthetic. Personally, I like both the tung and linseed oils, which truly bring out the rich wood texture and grains, while keeping the smooth, natural feel. As this is made to order, I can accommodate any wishes you might have. The tray is 28" wide 13.25" deep, and 2 inches tall, and will fit both a standard 30” tub and the wider 32” tubs (pictured is a 32” tub). The slats have gaps of approximately a quarter inch (I found this to be a good balance for water runoff and usability). The adjustable middle portion is 13" wide and 11" deep; it can easily accommodate large books, tablets, phones, etc. and when laid flat will fit most laptops. Naturally, specific dimensions can be accommodated, just let me know and we'll work something out. If you are ordering this internationally, please let me know, so that I can get you a shipping quote. Happy bathing!! :)