Lips of Faith Beer Bottle Candle/Drinking Glass
Part of the Lips of Faith series from New Belgium Brewing company. This triple was brewed with Feijoa and Hisbiscus. Hibiscus is pretty rad, and the scene on this bottle is pretty rad as well. Interpretation of the world is an ongoing monologue inside each of us, and what's great is that the interpretations on the subject vary from individual to individual and that they often change over time. My current interpretation of the scene on this glass is that there is some kind of "modes of transportation rapture" occuring. The vehicles are floating every which-way while the bicycles have wings and are soaring to the heavens. This unique candle is perfect for the craft beer lover! Soy candle with a light scent of patchoulie. Approximate 60 hour burn time. The label on this bottle is painted, so when you're finished burning your candle, repurpose it as a drinking glass (dishwasher safe, label will not peel). For more items visit our shop at Remember $1 of every item purchased in our store is donated to the Appalachian Trail Conservancy! Thanks for helping keep the trail alive!