Get a laugh with this UNCLE DAN'S TOENAILS "scented" candle. You choose the real scent from our selection of pleasant smelling fragrances. To make things perfectly clear: THE LABEL IS GROSS. THE ACTUAL CANDLE SCENT IS WONDERFUL :) Please specify desired scent in the Note field. Available scents include: Carribean Teakwood Dragonn's Blood Egyptian Amber Nab Champa Patchouli Sandalwood This candle scent is a tribute to Uncle Dan. His toenails are gross. I don't just mean a little funky...I mean the grossest thing you've ever laid eyes on. His ongoing joke is, "I could really use a foot massage," followed by a maniacal laugh...followed by a look of horror given by the addressee. (I'm getting shivers just thinking about it). Candles are made of soy wax with an approximate burn time of 30 hours, so you'll be able to enjoy this candle for quite some time! For more available joke candles visit www.CREATIVITYisFREEDOM.etsy.com Remember $1 of every item sold in our store is donated to the Appalachian Trail Conservancy. Thanks for helping us support the trail!