Non custom items will be listed and available for purchase. Custom fit items will require some communication, most likely some measurements, and possibly an item as well depending on the product to be made.

Payment Policy

Any custom work will require a 50% deposit. Anything with. Name or logo that will be personalized, will require full cost up front.

Shipping Policy

I can ship anywhere, as long as you can receive it. Standard shipping rates are applied to the final price.

Refund & Exchange Policy

I will accept refunds, or exchanges on any non custom piece. If you have a custom piece and are unhappy with it, please communicate with me, hopefully a solution can be achieved.

Other Policies

Gun holsters are limited to the guns I have available for fitting, or the ones I can get a hold of. There are polymer replicas available for the same use as well. I plan on investing is some, but I don't currently have any. Rifle stock cuffs follow the same guidelines, different models by the same manufacturer do share dimensions sometimes, but not always. A good fit requires the right materials.

Contact Information

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