Grapes and Vine Tendrils Etched Pendant - Tendrils of the Vine Collection - Available in Brass or Copper
Quick Facts: The pendant measures at about 2.25 inches (including the handmade connector); its width is approximately .5 inch. The necklace length is about 18 inches, including the lobster clasp. *Note* Item pictured is only a sample of the design; yours will be made-to-order in brass or copper (your choice)! The Story: I love the beauty of grapes and their vines. I can't help but want to take pictures or pull out my sketchbook whenever I see them. This original Butterfly Sundries pendant is just one of the many new designs, straight from the pages of my sketchbook! Made from copper or brass sheet metal, this pendant has been cut to size, had its rough edges smoothed, and then it was polished. The design was hand-drawn, and then it was gently placed into an acid bath which ate away the undesired portions. Once taken from the bath it was washed, antiqued to bring out the beauty revealed by its ordeal, a hole was drilled to allow it to be worn, and then it was polished. The connector for the pendant also includes a simple wire leaf in the design, keeping with the theme of the Tendrils of the Vine collection. Copper and brass do, of course, over time develop an attractive patina. This is part of the beauty of the material. The pendant does have a thin protective layer of wax to protect it, but expect the beautiful colors to gradually appear. From beginning to end, this item is handmade with love... with all the attention you deserve! It is also a one-of-a-kind item which cannot be exactly duplicated, just like the character of your favorite wines. This item comes with a FREE white gift box, for your gift-giving pleasure! As always, 10% of the profits from the sale of this item go to support my Featured Charity! *Please Note* The item you receive, while of the same design, should be expected to have minor variations from the sample you see pictured. Because the design is hand-rendered and the etch pattern is different each time, I can guarantee that each one made is a one-of-a-kind original, just like its owner. :)