Dark Green Stone with Brass Naval Knot Wraps Necklace - Sirens and Sailors Collection
I remember as a kid, I was completely fascinated by all the stories I could find about the Bermuda Triangle. I loved the suspense, the mystery... and the idea that there could be a place out of time, or even a gateway to another dimension. Even just remembering those stories now, I feel a sense of excitement and curiosity. In honor of those stories which so inspired my imagination as a child, I created this necklace. It features a dark green stone, which reminds me of a stormy ocean, with deceptively simple naval knots in brass. It has a total of three knots in the pendant wrapping, an anchor knot and two figure eight knots. Connecting to the brass wire is a basic necklace chain which runs through the wrapping to create a triangle, as an homage to the stories I loved. This necklace is thematic for ocean lovers, while not being overpowering. The length of the necklace is approximately 18.5 inches, including the handmade brass clasp. The green stone pendant is about 1.75 inches, not including the wire wrapping (which would add about an inch). From beginning to end, this item is handmade with love... and all the attention you deserve! This item comes with a FREE white gift box, for your gift-giving pleasure!