Lotus Love Cuff Bracelet with Arabic Calligraphy - Lotus Collection - Available in Copper and Yellow Brass
Quick Facts: The bracelet measures approximately 6 inches in length and .5 inches in width. It can be made to order in either yellow brass or copper. The items pictured are examples of the design; the one you receive may have slight variations. The Story: What makes you think of hope, strength, beauty and the ability to overcome difficult circumstances? For me, the images which come to mind are of lotus flowers. This beautiful etched cuff bracelet was inspired by those women who have the courage to, despite difficult circumstance, look within themselves to find their own strength and beauty... who discover their ability to embrace their power to stand up for their hopes, even in the ugliest of situations. Along with the lotus flowers rendered by hand, you'll notice the word "love" written in both Arabic calligraphy and also in English. This particular design, part of the Lotus Collection, is partially inspired by my own mother who had the courage to leave family and friends behind in order to protect herself and her daughter (me) from domestic abuse. She is both my inspiration and my hero. Made from copper or yellow brass sheet, this bracelet has been cut to size, had its rough edges smoothed, and then it was polished. The design was hand-drawn and then gently placed into an acid bath which ate away the undesired portions. Once taken from the bath it was washed, antiqued to bring out the beauty revealed by its ordeal, and hammered by hand into shape. Copper and brass do, of course, over time develop an attractive patina. This is part of the beauty of the material. It does have a thin protective layer of wax to protect it, but expect the beautiful patina to develop over time. From beginning to end, this item is handmade with love... with all the attention you deserve! This item comes with a FREE white gift box, for your gift-giving pleasure! *Please Note* The bracelet pictured is an example of the design. The one you receive, while identical in design, should be expected to have slight variations. Part of the beauty of handmade & acid-etched jewelry is the guarantee that each item is a one-of-a-kind original. As always, 10% of the sale profits are donated to my Featured Charity! What one customer said regarding this item: "Shipped on time, came with a nice pair of bonus earrings, and, most importantly, my wife LOVED it!" ~ M.