Candles With a Cause - 9 oz jar - Select your scent
All of our candles are hand-poured for you in small batches, and have no added chemicals or dye added. Our family owned and operated company was created and built on the idea to give back, make a difference and pay it forward. Our premium hand crafted soy and parasoy blend candles, wax melts and room sprays are handcrafted with love! Each purchase comes with a good cause. A portion of the proceeds will aid in helping victims of domestic violence, human trafficking, and rescuing animals effected by cruelty/abandonment. We are survivors helping other survivors. The company name and logo is based on our two dogs that we rescued from abuse and neglect. Baking at Grandma's Picture a slice of bread hot from the bakery oven, lightly buttered on a plate right before your eyes. The sweet and toasty scents of ripe bananas and toasted walnuts. Hints of nutmeg and touch of vanilla. There is nothing like Grandma’s homemade banana nut bread filling the air! Fall Apple Harvest Cozy up to an aroma of caramelized apples, delicious hints of cinnamon, a touch of vanilla and rich maple, with an end note of warm bourbon. Think of Grandma's kitchen on a chilly Fall day. Fall Solstice This fragrance reminds me of Fall in every memory I have. Fall festivities, bonfires, festivals, and most memorable one of all. Thanksgiving and the very first bite of pumpkin pie I take once a year. Warm spices of clove, nutmeg, and cinnamon and a hint of ginger. Sweet creamy pumpkin and butter cream. Fall pumpkin pie and whip cream. Goblin's Breath Mysterious notes of cinnamon, sugar, and spices. Spooky sweet hints of rich earthy patchouli and licorice. Lastly a warm dark woody base of cinnamon bark. Dare to take a walk in the witching hour? Grandpa's Pipes Cozy robust warm spices & comforting aromas of honey and vanilla. Notes of tobacco leaf, and woody aromas. Oh, the memories of grandpa smoking his pipe in the living room reading a book. Hot Toddy Lukewarm mulled cider, warm cozy spiced notes. Roasted chestnuts aroma with hints of clove,nutmeg, and orange peel. Sweet undertones of caramel and vanilla. Reminiscing of warm spiked spiced cider cocktail before Christmas dinner. Island Retreat Exotic tropical blend of sweet sugary pineapple. Infused with an earthy sage and green leaves herbaceous scents. This fruity and tangy fragrance smells like freshly cut pineapples sweeping through the breeze of a tropical island. Mistletoe Evergreen aroma with eucalyptus, fir needle and cedar leaf complimenting the evergreen throwing off a chilly camphor, airy ozone and a dash of citrus. Fresh clean smell of a crisp winter day. Mondays It's Monday morning, indulge in a warm cup of coffee. Freshly brewed. Awakening your senses to start the week off right. Fresh Toasted hazelnuts, a touch of maple and cream. Medium roasted coffee beans. a very light hint of coconut and vanilla. Namaste Unwinding soothing scents of rich fresh lavender, cozy warm hints of vanilla. Sophisticated notes of black amber. With a Sultry mix of black myrrh and tonka bean. All that's left for a perfect meditation is a hot cup of loose-leaf tea. Nefertem Rich bases of vanilla and musky sandalwood fragrance. With top notes of Jasmine, Patchouli and Clove. Take a ride on a magic carpet ride through the Arabian Desert. This is a relaxing dreamy fragrance. Oceanic Nights Lush aromas of Lotus Blossom, sweet Magnolia, with hints of Beach Lily and sun-dried driftwood. Almost feeling the sea salt spray on your face with the aromatic splashes of the ocean mist. Who doesn't love days and nights on the oceanic beaches of the world? Pumpkin Patch Toasted pumpkin and nutty notes, with the warmth of a little honey and caramel. Comforting spices of nutmeg, ginger, and a touch of clove. Like walking into a bakery on a cold October morning. Romance Fresh, sexy, soft hints of fruits. Smooth spiced green leaves and warm notes of musk, amber and sycamore wood. This men’s cologne is one word to a female. Wet! Secret Creek Warm rich scents of amber. Deep woody notes of cedar and sandalwood makes a really comforting earthy experience. A discovered creek found on a wooded adventure. Snickerdoodle Warm cinnamon and sugar, vanilla and buttery essence. A touch of apple and raisins. Smelling this aroma reminds me of a warm soft chewy hot out of the oven Snickerdoodles often baked in my family. We chose to have a customer name this candle. The best name won, how ironic that she is part of our family and the popular Snickerdoodle baker. Sunkissed Amber and Plum Amber, sugar and vanilla base notes that compliment and reinforce the sweetness of this fragrance oil. Meanwhile white musky and freesia add just a touch of a balanced earthy dimension. Winter Solstice Everything Christmas, the fireside, the stories, the fresh fir smell. This cozy comforting scent is all the holidays! Especially the colder holidays. Its earthy, cozy fragrances throw off the smokiness, orange spice and cypress. Cozy up with a warm blanket and sip some hot coco! Winterberry Fresh vibrant cranberries and currant. Luscious hints of soft Hibiscus. This scent is a great year round fresh clean scent. Light fresh and fruity. Middle notes of green leaves and black currant. Base notes of pine, fir and vanilla.