Custom Feather Bohemian Wreath Wall Art Home Decor
Custom made JuJu Hat Wreath 21x21 inches Tangerine- (other colors available ) Contact me for color options 
+ This wall hanging is custom made in my studio. Lays flat to the wall Perfect statement piece for any decor. Maintenance: Juju Hats need some love too. To maintain a beautiful Juju a little maintenance is necessary. Spray the feathers every 3 to 4 months with an anti-moth to prevent from any damages caused by insects. To remove the dust on the Juju, use a hair blow dryer on low temperature. Keep blow dryer at least 12 inches (or 30 cm) away from the feathers. If needed rearrange the feathers with your fingers. 

Please note that no 2 are exactly alike. Color may differ slightly from photos due to different monitor settings. Also, the color may vary from one wall hanging to another due to the dye on feathers.