Ant Farm (Cherry)
Did you think ant farms were only meant for kids.. well, think again. Wall Colony ant farms will not only impress you but will also provide your office, kitchen, family room or living room with hours of entertainment. These ant farms are handcrafted and represent the best of what mother nature offers. Ants are fascinating insects and when observed create magical patterns and displays. Place the Wall Colonys in any space and watch people be amazed. Ant farms are handmade and made to order Dimensions 21.5” Length 17.5” Height .75” Width Included Hard wood frame (Cherry) Sand Gift Certificate for Ants Requirements These ants can be placed on most any wall. However, it is suggested they not be on cold exterior walls, because it will slow the ant's production. They should also avoid being placed on a wall next to a door jam. The slamming of doors will vibrate and possibly collapse the tunnels. Instructions Thank you for your purchase of Wall Colony’s Ant Farm. We know you and everyone who will see it will enjoy the fascinating and mesmerizing world of ants. Upon receiving your colony please read the following instructions: 1. Open package and make sure it is still intact and glass has not been broken or damaged in shipping 2. Identify location for hanging and viewing colony 3. Secure, level and hang colony in desired viewing location 4. Once hung remove top and distribute 30ml of tap water across the sand in the colony a. The water is necessary to moisten the sand so the ants can dig, while also providing them a source of drinking water 5. Enclosed in your colony is a gift voucher for your first set of ants 6. Fill out ant voucher and mail, fax, or email it as the instructions state and wait… 7. Ants will ship once received by voucher company 8. Once ants arrive, follow instructions labeled on the ant packaging and enjoy this wonder of nature Thanks once again for your purchase and enjoy!