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Save $1.50 off of the normal price by buying 3 Scented Wax Melts with this listing! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ PLEASE MESSAGE ME WITH YOUR FRAGRANCE SELECTIONS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ FRAGRANCE LIST: APPALACHIAN MOUNTAIN FOREST - Mild citrus top notes, middle notes of fir, balsam and cedarwood, all on an earthy base of amber and mossy woods. APPLE ORCHARD BLOSSOM - Fresh apples, and the green, slightly floral scent from the surrounding blossoming trees. You won't find a touch of cinnamon here, only a fresh, crisp apple orchard scent. AUTUMN WALK - Fresh fallen leaves, smokiness and spice, along with sweet apples and blossoms in the background to round it out. BLACK CURRANT & FIG – fresh figs and delicate black currant balanced with notes of hyacinth and cedarwood. Subtle notes of grapefruit, raspberry, cloves and vanilla round out this beautiful and unique sent. BLUEBERRY CHEESECAKE - Vanilla Cheesecake topped with mouthwatering blueberries. BROWN BUTTER PIE CRUST - Flaky, tender pie crust made even better with caramelized browned butter. BROWN SUGAR & FIG – Top notes of fresh fig, followed by coconut milk and vanilla orchid, on a base of maple sugar, fig leaves and a touch of musk. CALIFORNIA REDWOOD – True to life redwood forest scent. It is earthy and woodsy and will remind you of a trip to the redwood forests in California or inspire your next vacation. CEDARWOOD & PATCHOULI - Notes of woody moss, spicy red cedarwood, musky bark and deep, dark patchouli. This is a patch lover's dream!! CARIBBEAN TEAK – Masculine-leaning and complex. Notes of leather, tobacco and amber with a spicy blend of tea leaves and black peer, sitting on a teakwood, patchouli and sandalwood base. It’s very warm & inviting. COCONUT LIME VERBENA - Fresh blend of coconut, fresh squeezed lime and lime zest and invigorating verbena, with a touch of vanilla. CORNER COFFEE SHOP - The invigorating smell of roasted coffee beans being freshly ground, lattes being made and drinks being poured. DRIFTWOOD & VETIVER – Salty sea air with notes of night blooming jasmine and dried coconut, all on a woodsy vetiver base. FRESH MINT & BASIL – Top notes of citrus, fresh mint and basil with middle notes of sage and herbal cedarleaf and eucalyptus, with just a touch of musk on the base. HOMEMADE APPLE PIE – True to life, busting with notes of fresh spices and baked apples, sugar and buttery delectable pie crust. JUNIPER BERRY & PEPPERCORN - An aromatic blend of juniper berries, peppercorn, clary sage, bergamot and clove buds, on a base of cedar and a touch of white musk. LAVENDER & ROSEMARY - Aromatic and true to life, this lavender is not very floral and more on the herbal side. It is infused with essential oils like lavender and cedarwood. MIDNIGHT COCONUT - Unique blend of sandalwood and rare mahogany, layered with coconut, vanilla and oakmoss. Unlike most coconut scents, this is sultry enough to warm you up through the cold winter months. It's very complex and beautiful! OCEAN MIST – Complex mix of ocean air with sea salt and florals with base notes of oakmoss and white musk PUMPKIN CRUMB CAKE – Notes of fresh pumpkin, creamy vanilla and crunchy cinnamon and brown topping. PUMPKIN PIE – This is a well-rounded blend with notes of fresh pumpkin, buttery pie crust, sugar and pumpkin pie spices. ROCKY MOUNTAIN FOREST – Blue spruce, pine needles and evergreens, with the slightest middle notes of cypress and lemon, all on a base of musk and cedarwood. SPICED PUMPKIN SOUFFLÉ – This is THE quintessential fall pumpkin scent! Top notes of ginger and saffron with middle notes of fresh pumpkin, butter, cinnamon and molasses and base notes of allspice, clove and nutmeg. SPICY TONKA BEAN – Warm blend of spices and tonka beans. Tonka is one of the most common ingredients used in perfumery. It is similar to vanilla, but much more complex. SWEET ORANGE & HOT PEPPER - Bold and bright juicy orange with a touch of red hot chili pepper to give it a spicy kick. TOMATO VINE – Green tomato leaves and herbs with base notes of green woods VIOLET & WHITE BIRCH – Floral violet notes blended with woodsy white birch bark, cedarleaf, musk and amber. VOLCANO ISLAND – Complex blend of sugared citrus, like lemon, lime, orange and pomelo. The sweet citrus is rounded out with notes of sun-weathered driftwood and exotic mountain greenery. WHITE GRAPEFRUIT & BAMBOO – Refreshing white grapefruit balanced with rainforest bamboo and a touch of juniper berries and musk.