Magnetic glass vase / pen & paper holder - Light green and White streaky
This magnetic pocket (vase) features streaks and swirls of light green and white. The streakiness in this glass varies widely throughout the sheet before I cut it. If you have a preference for more green than white, more white than green, or an even mix of the two colors, please add a note to your order and I will do my best with what I have in stock. If no preference is stated, I will send my favorite. :-) It has 4 strong rare earth magnets on the back to securely attach it to your refrigerator, file cabinet, school locker or any other magnetic object. It is the perfect size to hold a 3"x5" note pad with pen and is watertight so you can use it as a vase for fresh flowers. --- All sales are final. Please understand that since no two sheets of glass are exactly the same, each item I make is unique. Contact me before placing your order if you wish to see pictures of the actual items currently in stock.