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Beautiful, comfortable, and durable leather moccasins to fit into any wardrobe! Black Jacket Tackle's Voyager brings rustic charm and casual eminence to an easy-to-wear and cozy piece of all-leather footwear! Voyager is our signature style moccasin, handmade of high quality suede leather uppers and a tough 8/9 ounce leather sole. The uppers wrap around the ankle and are tied off with a strong lace. These moccasins are immediately soft and warm on the foot, with the soft suede interior and smooth leather sole. Voyager breaks in very quickly, and the leather effortlessly molds around your foot. These moccasins are designed to be worn with the ankles up, but can be rolled down for a cuffed look. Our Black Jacket Tackle logo is branded on the lower outside ankle. Each pair comes with warm black synthetic fleece insole inserts, and they come in their own handmade canvas bag, tied with suede lace and our logo. New Color! Now Available in Sand! · Constructed with 3/4 ounce high quality suede · Strong 8/9 ounce leather soles · Tied with sturdy lace · Available in whole sizes only, in Mens 6 to 13. If you wear a half-size, order the next size up * This listing is for 1 pair of suede moccasins, synthetic fleece liners, and canvas storage bag. * Moccasins are intended for natural outdoor environments. Surfaces such as concrete, asphalt, etc. may cause premature wear. Moccasin's smooth soles maybe slippery when wet and/or on smooth surfaces. Our leather may feature scars, brand marks, and other imperfections. This is normal, as leather is a natural product and these marks show how the animals lived. We believe these marks are beautiful and add great character to our items. We will not use pieces that the structural integrity is questionable. Cleaning & Care: Suede is generally pretty easy to clean, as you can use a stiff-bristled brush to remove excess dirt. These moccasins are not waterproof, so you may want to put a coating over them if you desire, however that could change the color of the suede. Follow manufacturer's directions. Visit the rest of our shop! Shop Voyager for Women: Shop Nomad for Men! Shop Nomad for Women: