Genuine Leather Hot Handle Holder for Cast Iron Grill Pans | Handmade in America
A perfect gift for cast iron lovers! Protect hands and fingers from hot pans with our Leather Hot Handle Holders. Perfect for cooking indoors or out. A great gift for the hard-to-buy-for friend or family member! This handle holder was designed to accommodate our personal Lodge curved-handle cast iron grill pan, but it also works great on sauce pan handles and other cast iron brands. We have hand-picked the shoulder leather to give the best look and functionality to our handle holders, and is finished in a beautiful classic brown to look great in any kitchen, indoors or out. Our Black Jacket Tackle logo is branded onto both sides of this beautifully functional holder. · 7" long, 3 3/8"" wide · Stitched with Kevlar thread, heat resistant up to 750°F and does not melt · Flared end keeps fingers off hot pans · Finished holders measures 16-18 ounces, or 1/4" thick · Suede lace is tied to holders for hanging storage **This listing is for 1 curved-handle holder. Other holders or accessories in photos are not included. **This product is not intended for direct contact with open flames. Our leather products require a certain amount of time as a break-in period before they fit and function as they should. Our Handle Holders fit very snug onto cast iron handles when you first start using them. They are designed this way, as a snug fit is a safe fit. With use, the leather will soften and stretch to slide more easily over the handles. To aid in speeding up this process, we suggest sliding the holders onto your cast iron handle until it gets tight. Then, spin the handle sideways so that the seams are up and down. Leave the holders this way for a few hours on a cold pan. After a few hours, wiggle the holder and if it still fits very snug, leave it sideways for an hour or longer. This process will stretch the leather and make it easier to slide the holders on and off. If cleaning is required, we recommend warm water with a mild soap. After use and cleaning, we highly recommend you wipe your handle holders with a small amount of vegetable oil. This helps condition and soften the leather, and it also gives the leather a beautiful finish.