Belara Jewelry's Cheapest Handmade Necklace Earrings & Ornaments Store

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Buffalo Grove, IL
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Nadezhda Ustina
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Welcome to BelaraJewelry, This is Nadya, a handmade entrepreneur, and only one owner of the store the BelaraJewelry, creator, planner, designer, photographer, of all the items from the store! The items are completed uniquely and self-designed with the best-selected stones that feel elegant and exhibit the best-looking performance at night and day for any occasion or everyday usages! Let me tell you, just a year ago, I was interested in making any Jewelry by my own for me and for the women worldwide. Then, I have started it in a very wonderful and beautiful process. Today I am enjoying all the brilliance of jewelry world. Let me pleased you with my jewelry society, my inspirations and my best creations to you. I am convinced that the best gifts for the closest friends and relatives this are handmade items. And it doesn't matter what it is it clothes, dishes, or the interior items and etc. More importantly, it is made with the love and good inspiration by me only. A lot of thinking, planning and hard working results such a product so that I have opened my small jewelry shop 'BelaraJewelry'. I do researchers usually around the web and seriously spending a series of time every day for likely three months of preparing the initial infrastructure to build the greater seller shop. Day by day, I had been worked with the possible elements one by one and collected a set of information about it, component, equipment and everything else from different local markets and different websites, blogs, social media, forums, manufacture sites, enquiry and statistics, people's interests and public journals and read more and more about supplier's reliability, co-operations, shipping matters, shipment policy, customer's intentions, views and steps from the different customers, marketing, competitions etc. When the work by this direction has been completed and accomplished my faithful and fulfill the worldwide customer's expectations. Then, I had moved in the inquiry modern trends in my sector, jewelry handmade sectors from all aspects of possible continued matters, whereas I was able to see it so popular sector and after all, I had no doubt that is my choice of a handmade jewelry store with my own creation! Starting from 1st October 2016, I've started working with my assistant. Let me introduce him 'Mamun Khan'. He is helping me to improve my shop to listing, researching, marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing (SMM) etc. We have some instant communication medium every day but in some different time zones what is not relevant to here, but we adjust each other for the store! Now I create my jewelry store of Necklaces, Bracelets, Ornaments, Outfit items in handmade from natural stones and other relevant stuff at my home. Every piece of jewelry in BelaraJewelry is completely handmade with an honest love and good intentions mind of united states. All of the items in the BelaraJewelry is available in any colors and sizes upon to request. Kindly be noted, that you can order custom jewelry and I would be very happy make something special for you. Feel free to contact me anytime and will do my best to getting back to you with the appropriate feedback to you within 24 hours of clocking time, this is my number 1 priority work in my everyday life. Your satisfaction is my number first priority! If you are not happy with what you purchase or it is damaged or you want to change, please let me know and we will help and cooperate together to make it perfect. Thank you for visiting BelaraJewelry! Thanks for choosing us for your everyday shopping life! If anything we can do for you, please contact us anytime via several media by sending us a message, or connect us to the social media sites: Instagram: @nadezhda_belara Pinterest: @BelaraJewelry Facebook -
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