I have a few simple policies, such as flexible payment, the type of shipping I prefer, and more information.

Payment Policy

I will only accept online payment. I'd prefer paypal, but I don't mind if you use debit or credit cards instead.

Shipping Policy

I will always ship priority mail, which is why the shipping prices may be a bit high. I want my customers to receive my product as soon as can be affordable.

Refund & Exchange Policy

I do not give out refunds. If there is something you do not like with the product you have purchased, then please let me know, as I will do my best to improve in the future. I try to have my products be as functional and well-made as possible. If there is something wrong with any product you buy from me upon receiving it, then I'd blame the postal service. That's why I prefer priority mail; imagine what the product would've ended up like if it were put through normal mail!

Other Policies

I will only fulfill requests if they are appropriate. I will not create products that contain nudity, vulgar words, or anything of the sort. Price of requested products may vary, and the time it takes to complete a requested product may vary as well.

Contact Information

If you have anymore questions about my policies or products, then feel free to send me an email here:

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