"My Journey to Teenhood" Journals
Kids can have all kinds of fun stories and experiences they'll want to remember when they grow up. What about that one time they went to the zoo and got to pet a lion? What about that one friend they have that's always doing strange things? All these fun adventures should be recorded so they can grow up and tell their kids about them. This book can inspire kids to write all about their journeys to teenhood. In addition to writing about their daily experiences, children could talk about plans for when they become teens. Maybe they could write about what they think being a teenager will be like for them. Hey, a kid could even scrawl down an open letter to their future teenage or adult selves about their childhood. Questions can be asked about what it's like to be a teen or an adult. Basically, there's a lot of possibilities with this book. Writing about childhood is a mere suggestion. At the end of the day, this is a blank book. Why limit yourself when a blank canvas can offer you a whole lot of opportunities? Drawing, planning, and solving math problems are just a few fun things you can do in this book. Yes, I think math is fun. ...what do you mean I need to go see a doctor?