BeautyStitches Coaster Designs: Sparkles Mini Blank Books
Do you have a novel that you've been wanting to write? Is it a special kind of novel that includes pictures because adults aren't too old to read books with colorful, fun pictures in them? You're not the only one who thinks this, because I do, too! That's why I made a mini blank book. Don't let its small size deceive you, however, as these books contain a ton of pages! Why make a series of books when you could just put them all in one book? These books all have the BeautyStitches Coaster Designs: Sparkles design on the cover. Here are all the different variations of books available at the moment (amount of page numbers first and design variation second): -860 pages, purple cotton floss on cream aida -300 pages, purple cotton floss on white aida -300 pages, purple cotton floss on chamois aida Don't see a variation you like or want a personal one? Let me know! I can make a book for you with a particular amount of pages, different colored design, or even a different design altogether!