Sunset Trails: Sunset Path Blank Novel Book
These are blank novel books that you can write your novel and short stories in. You can also use this book for taking notes and drawing sketches. I have multiple books with different amounts of pages available: (books shown in the pictures above in order from left to right) -300 pages (600 if counting pages front and back) (yellow) -320 pages (640 if counting pages front and back) (blue/white/green) -270 pages (540 if counting pages front and back) (purple) The design on the cover is design #3 in my Imagine Project. It is hard to make out from this perspective, but there is a golden path, a very orange sunset sky, and an arch created by light green mush in the image. After playing all day and eating my fill of delicious flower fruit in the beautiful meadow, I noticed that the sun was starting to go down. That was when the dark green mush to my left opened up to reveal a new path. I walked through the opening and gazed at the golden path. The area was also generally surrounded by the same dark green mush as the meadow, but there was also light green mush on the sides of the path that also formed an arch on the path up ahead. The path itself looked pretty short, and it wasn't completely straight. The path takes a sharp turn to the left at its end. I took one step on the path and suddenly felt at peace. I walked further onto the path as the opening behind me closed completely. The arch up ahead looked imperfect, but I didn't have a problem with that. Finally, I stopped and stood in front of the arch. I wasn't sure what was going to happen, but I was willing to walk the entire path through. So I stepped under the arch and immediately was filled with a newfound energy and strength. The feeling was amazing and unlike any other feeling I've ever felt before. Whatever was at the end of this path, I was definitely ready for it.