Blue & Sapphire River Shell Earrings/Hematite cube square,multi-iris rainbow hexagon spacer/Natural river shells/Nickel free/Under 20 dollar
This very bright and colorful earrings feature one blue and one sapphire river shell on each earring- along with a single hematite 3mm cube bead and a couple multi iris rainbow colored hexagon hematite spacers all hanging from a nickel free earring hook. These earrings will surely brighten up your outfits during the Summer and Spring time! But they can really rock any type of outfit! The earring with the smallest sapphire river shell measurements- Sapphire shell is a shade over 1/2 inch wide and the same for how tall it is. The blue river shell on this same earring is 3/4 wide and the same for how tall it is. The other earring measurements - The sapphire shell is one mm short of being 3/4 inch wide and is 3/4 inch tall. The blue shell on this earring is 3/4 wide and 3/4 tall.