Skull bones spine pendant charm necklace/Black long spikes, metallic, black glass and black coin beads with hematite chain/Under 20 dollars
I looove this necklace! I love the pendant charm too! It is perfect for anyone who loves skulls and darker type jewelry! The beads used to make this necklace are as follows - Metallic silver beads (6mm), jet black flat round glass (3x9mm), black coin beads, black spikes (1 1/8 & 1 7/8 inch) and of course the beautiful skull fish bone spine silver pendant charm. The overall length of this necklace, from the edge of the chain and it hanging down to the bottom edge of the pendant measures at 16 1/8 inches. The length not including the pendant is 13 1/2 inches. The skull pendant measures at 2 3/8 inches tall and at it's widest point - 7/8 inch.