Lavender Dream Pillow , 100% Organic Lavender Buds with Polly Fill All Handmade Dreampillow
Lavender Dream Pillow This Dream Pillow Measures 5 inches by 11 inches The Pillow is filled with Organic Lavender Flower Buds grown in France without use of pesticides or chemicals and 100% Hypo Allergenic Polly Fill. We use a generous amount of Purple Lavender Buds and Polly Fill. Dream Pillows were once called comfort pillows, and were used in sickroom to ease the nightmares that may come with medicine and the smells of illness. Dream pillows ease the sleep of crying babies as well. Dream Pillows help healthy folks the pleasant fragrance unlocks memories that play out in their dreams in the most delightful way without those restless nights. The dream pillow is mostly placed inside your pillow case and the scent allows you to have sweet dreams.