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Home Décor, Photography, Vintage Collage, Art, Greeting Cards and More! My love for art started at a very young age. My Mom is an artist and an incredible seamstress, I was always amazed at the things she could create out of a piece of fabric, paper, paints and canvas, you name it. She painted a really fun tree on the wall at the landing of the stairs that went up to our bedrooms. It was a fun green tree with big plump red apples, I saw that painting every day when I woke up and came down to get ready for school and it was a happy moment every morning. There was also a painting of a family friend in our home that she had done when she was very young. It was done in acrylics that was in my mind one of the coolest works of art I’d ever seen and I still very much feel that way. I recently helped my Mom move and while packaging up her artwork my daughter commented on this very painting with amazement “Grandma painted that!!?” She was very impressed and much to our surprise she gifted the painting to my daughter that day! Now, I once again get to see it every day and I’m still in awe of it. This painting and watching my Mother’s never ending creativity is what inspired me to become an artist and photographer myself. My passion for art has mostly been focused on photography, nature and macro photography specifically but I have also found a new love for graphic design. Artistically speaking I’m a rule breaker, I’ve learned a lot from just experimenting with my art. I have a wide range of mediums that I enjoy, acrylic and watercolor painting, mixed media, photography, graphic design and paper crafts. There are times I think I was born in the wrong era as I’ve always admired vintage design, whether it be art, fashion, architecture, I love it all. It has led to creating some fun and original vintage art collages. I now see my own daughter watching every little thing I do and I see her blossoming as an artist herself, which warms my heart. I can’t wait to see what new things she will be creating in the years to come and I’m sure she’ll be selling her works of art one day soon as well. I have a second shop on Etsy that features only digital downloads of my work for an affordable and fun way to have original art in your home. You can see that shop here: Visit my fellow Etsian at PillowADreamBoutique where you will find the most adorable pillow pals as well as other beautifully designed floral, typography and modern pillow covers. I thank you for stopping by my shop, Artsy Pumpkin . Pumpkin is a nickname given to me by my parents when I was a child and yes at 47, they still call me Pumpkin, and that's okay by me. Feel free to visit my Facebook page as well and visit often! Have a fantabulous day!
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