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Gainesville, GA
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Allison Morris
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Allison is a prolific crafter who began her artistic career at age seven when she created colorful light catchers out of crayon shavings and waxed paper. Her crafting roots sprung from her grandmothers, one a fine painter, the other a quilter. Allison has been striving to combine form and function resulting in objects that are as beautiful as they are useful. In 2008 Allison co-founded Bead Amigas, a social enterprise initiative that allowed Nicaraguan women to earn a sustainable income through the art of paper beads and jewelry. As the Creative Coordinator for Bead Amigas, Allison taught Nicaraguan women a way to provide income for their families by creating marketable handmade items. Upon conclusion of the Bead Amigas project, Allison began developing a line of paper bead angel ornaments and earrings as a source of income for her family. Her process begins by hand painting individual sheets of upcycled paper creating unique pieces with every masterful stroke of color making your purchase a true one of kind. Those sheets are then cut into long strips and rolled by hand into beautifully crafted beads. These beads are later sealed with several coats of a water-based glaze to both preserve the coloration and present a durable, high quality hand crafted work of art. In addition to painted ornaments, Allison also materialized a line of elegant rustic angel ornaments crafted of burlap fiber specifically crafted for the country living decorator.‚Äč Allison's love of knitting and a deep desire to transform her ever-growing collection of yarn, propelled her into fashioning mixed-fiber infinity scarves that embody her passion for color and texture. By carefully combining various yarns, she actualizes a stylish whimsical piece of wearable art sure to showcase your individuality. Growing up and now raising her family in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains provides inspiration not only for her art but also with living a sustainable lifestyle. She is impassioned about creating a greener world and minimizing her family's footprint through composting, gardening, canning, garden to table cooking, recycling, and creating art by upcycling materials as much as possible. She hopes you enjoy and embrace her artistic expression with the same love she pours into her craft.
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