Handcrafted Koroit Boulder Opal and Bronze Metal Clay Pendant
A handcrafted bronze metal clay pendant, this design features a gorgeous Koroit boulder opal and was textured with a hand drawn design during its clay stage before it was kiln fired to achieve its metal state. The browns in the boulder opal as well as the muted gold of the bronze makes this a wonderfully rustic design and is the perfect accessory for the autumn and winter months. A 22 inch chain has been included. Bronze is an alloy of copper and tin so the metal will eventually tarnish as well as darken if the proper care is not taken. While I do use Renaissance Wax as a sealant to slow the process, no sealant is permanent. Therefore, it is my recommendation to keep your pendant sealed in the included anti-tarnish bag when not worn. I also include a polishing cloth with every order to allow you to keep your pendant looking as gorgeous as the day it arrived. All pendants are packaged in their own gift box.