Bronze Metal Clay Pendant Duo With Natural Amethyst
Two colors that go great together are purple and gold which is why I chose to pair these tiny teardrop Amethysts with my bronze metal clay. Prong set, these Amethyst stones are a beautiful deep shade of purple that are perfect for those born in February as well as those who just enjoy what is known as the color for royalty. And as each pendant measures about an inch long and have been placed on a 24 inch chain, their dainty nature are versatile and are great to accompany any outfit in your closet. A metal that natural tarnishes and darkens, bronze should definitely be kept in an anti-tarnish storage bag when it's not being enjoyed. I include one of these with every order. I also apply a layer of Renaissance wax as a type of sealant to slow both of the processes but even Renaissance was is not infallible. So keeping the pendant stored in the anti-tarnish bag is the best guarantee that your piece of art will look as new as the day you purchased it for as long as possible. A gift box is included for both pendants for safe shipping. These are sold as a set so it's perfect as a gift for yourself as well as a gift for someone you love.