Simply Dainty Labradorite and Copper Pendant
Part of ‘The Twenty’—beautiful one of a kind pendants for $20. Textured with a feather pattern, this handcrafted is created from copper clay and holds a bezel-set 14x10 mm Labradorite that has a beautiful green glow. The pendant size is about an inch total and includes a thin 21-inch copper chain, making this a dainty piece that can be worn all seasons and for any occasion. The first recorded discovery of this stone was in Canada in 1770. It is steeped in Intuit lore as it was thought to fall from the frozen fires of the Aurora Borealis. This is a great gift for the wanderer, healer and/or that person who in your life who just lives for the moment as it strengthens awareness and protects against negativity while awakening the inner spirit. Copper is a metal that will eventually tarnish which is why an anti-tarnish tab is included with every pendant I make. I do recommend keeping your piece sealed whenever it’s not worn to slow the process. As no form of sealant is permanent, I personally make the choice not to apply a sealant so your piece will naturally darken with time. A gift box is included for ease of giving and safe shipping.