Nickel Silver Metal Clay Pendant with Natural Abstract Patterned Outback Jasper
Want to stand out? Looking for a gift for the lover of unconventional beauty? This beautiful nickel silver metal clay pendant might be the perfect answer. Featuring an outback jasper in shades of beige, tan and brown, the abstract pattern of the stone makes this a truly one of a kind gift that is especially great to have during the autumn months. The 24 inch chain makes it truly versatile as it is a length that all can wear. Please note that nickel silver is not silver but an alloy of nickel, copper and zinc so those would certain metal allergies should take extra precaution. Nickel silver does eventually tarnish like most metals, the process tends to be slower than that of copper or bronze. I include an anti-tarnish bag for storage to help you slow the process even further. A gift box will be included for ease of giving and safe shipping to you.