Azurite and Copper Metal Clay Statement Pendant
For the girl who is not afraid to stand out. This handcrafted copper metal clay features a beautifully natural pendulum-shaped azurite that has been prong-set and a unique texture that emphasizes the pattern of the stone. Hanging from an adjustable leather cord that measures 16 inches at its shortest and 18 inches at its maximum length, this pendant makes a statement all on its own. Copper is a metal that tarnishes. I use Renaissance Wax as a sealant to slow the process. I also reccommend keeping your pendant sealed in an anti-tarnish storage bag when not worn the inhibit the process even further. As, Renaissance Wax is the only method of sealant I use, your pendant will gradually darken with time. While I enjoy this effect because it gives the pendant an antique appearance, the effect can be easily reversed by running a polishing cloth over the metal or giving it a quick soak in lemon juice. Just be sure to rinse the pendant in cool water and dry with a soft rag if choosing that method. All metal clay pendants that feature natural stones come gift boxed for safe shipping and ease of giving.