Bezel Set Moss Agate and Copper Metal Clay Pendant
I crafted this pendant out of metal clay and paired the textured metal with a moss agate that is simply amazing as the pattern literally looks like a flame. For this reason, I didn't want to do anything that would detract from the picturesque quality so I chose to frame it instead by using a bezel setting and the layering technique I used on the clay. A 20 inch textured antiqued copper chain with large open links has been paired with the pendant. Renaissance wax was used as my sealant of choice and while it does protect the metal, it doesn't mean that the copper won't darken naturally with time. Also, copper is a metal that tarnishes and the wax helps to protect against and slow this process as well. However, no sealant is infallible so please take care and keep this in an anti-tarnish storage bag when not worn. It'll be easy because I include on with every order. All pendants featuring gemstones are packaged in a gift box for safe shipping as well as ease of giving.